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Step aside outdated e-commerce platforms, there’s a newer, shinier model in town. Faster, more secure, better for SEO and with enhanced longevity, it’s changing the way we think about e-commerce. Here’s why.


Let’s keep things simple. Unless your e-commerce website is at the top of its game, getting ranked and finding customers can feel like an eternal struggle.

But, what if there’s a solution that’s modern, trusted and open to everyone? Well, it’s your lucky day. Please join us in welcoming a different type proposition to the table: JAMstack.

In this article we’ll delve into what JAMstack is, why it’s…

JAMstack is a hot topic right now, but what is it exactly? For starters, it’s a different approach to website development. Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be! Here’s my take on it.

As Cobiro’s very first Technical Content Writer, it’s my job to turn complex information into something that’s coherent and easy to understand. I’ve put together this article to explain what JAMstack is and how it can create a future-proofed website experience.

Intentionally high-level, I’ve honed in on the key ideas and concepts behind JAMstack websites. It might not answer your most intricate questions, but if like me…


We help businesses succeed online. Our platform helps you to build, grow and promote your business using the latest website and marketing technologies.

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